Jonnie Williams: New Approach for Breaking Smokeless Tobacco Addiction

One of the major successes that the United States has enjoyed is the major reduction in the frequency of smoking tobacco products. When people think about the “stop smoking” campaigns, they often think about the fumes that come from cigarettes; however, smokeless tobacco can be every bit as dangerous and deadly. Jonnie Williams is a prolific inventor and recently developed a new approach that can help people treat smokeless tobacco addiction. In this manner, everyone who has been working hard to try to break free from the bonds of this addiction may someday have a new approach at their disposal.

Jonnie Williams Discusses the Signs of a Smokeless Tobacco Addiction

First, it is important for everyone to know the signs of an addiction to smokeless tobacco. Given his time in the field, Jonnie Williams knows what the signs of an addiction to chewing tobacco and other tobacco products look like. Those who are spending an exorbitant amount of money on these products probably have a serious addiction that needs to be addressed. Furthermore, those who develop shakes, chills, sweats, and trouble focusing after going without tobacco for an extended period of time also may have a serious problem that may be handled with the help of professional therapies and services Jonnie Williams hopes to address.

Jonnie Williams Discusses the Current Treatment Options for Smokeless Tobacco Addictions

Jonnie Williams first took a look at the current treatment options for those who suffer from smokeless tobacco addiction. Jonnie Williams concluded that many of these options were based on old methods and that there could be an alternative approach. Therefore, he took a look at some of the new areas of focus, such as CBD. Given that addiction is a mental health issue, he wanted to know if there was some way that he could use CBD to treat smokeless tobacco addiction, which led to his discovery.

Jonnie Williams Discusses a New Patent for a Product Based on CBD that can potentially Treat This Addiction

Now, Jonnie Williams is seeking to change the industry with a new approach that he is hopeful can help people who are suffering from an addiction to smokeless tobacco products. He has come up with a new approach that is based on CBD and nicotine that can potentially help people deal with the cravings that come with an addiction to smokeless tobacco without having to succumb to their urges. According to the patent application, this discovery could potentially be administered in multiple ways, including as a nasal spray, as an oral spray, and even as a skin application. The ability for everyone to tailor this product to meet their unique needs is potentially one of the major advantages of this approach from Jonnie Williams.

Originally published at on November 5, 2020.



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Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

Jonnie R. Williams, Sr.’s passion is the research and development of treatment options for addictions